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The Delta Program is a collection of passionate people looking to change the future of mobile technology. Join us, and you’ll learn to build powerful applications under the guidance of industry experts. Work at your own pace, online, with a world-wide community of supporters, using a proven curriculum.

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    Enroll in our online course on Udemy, the world’s best online learning platform. Our course instructors get you building Android apps as fast as possible. You’ll learn about creating an Android user interface with XML, programming functionality with Java, and how to get the most out of third party APIs.

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    Connect with thousands of¬†aspiring Android Developers and published app makers. Learn from all the shared resources and the conversations happening in the course. As well as the Google group and on Facebook. There’s never been a better community of people all over the world to learn Android app development with.

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    Publish your app to the Amazon Appstore and the Google Play store. We’ll show you how. Join the graduates, mentors, and published Android Developers of The Delta Program. Become an Android Developer and turn your ideas into published apps for all to use!

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Say Goodbye to Hello World!

The curriculum used in The Delta Program has been under development for over a year. It has been tested and refined and we believe it is the best you’ll find. It is specifically for those who want to commit to improving their skills, their capabilities, and their professional reach.

You’ll feel like you’re right there, coding along with the pros, no matter where in the world you happen to be.

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The Numbers Say it All

  • Testimonial
    Radovan Skendzic, STUDENT

    I like the way of explanation they made. Finally some parts of JAVA and Android are more clear to me. No matter I have finished this course I will stay tuned for more classes. I highly recommend to watch carefully the interview videos - that is something that you need as much as you need to know how to code.

  • Testimonial
    Molly Rand, STUDENT

    So many books and online courses are still based on Eclipse, it's awesome to have a resource that fully takes you through development in Android Studio. Adam breaks down the how & why of code, not just the what so you're prepared to read and write dynamic, modular Java code.

  • Testimonial
    Mohit Kishore, STUDENT

    This would be one of the best course for you to learn and publish your first app.. I have learnt a lot of simple and basic tricks from this course. I recommend this course to many people because of its unique style and their resources. The best part of this course was how they introduced java.(It was a good revision and very helpful).

  • Testimonial
    Eric Fernance, STUDENT

    I've done a couple of Android developer courses and this has to be the best one I have done. The content was presented clearly and in a manner that was interesting and appealed to a different learning styles. The content started from the very basics providing a good introduction both to Java and the Android platform. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone who wants to build a native android application but doesn't know where or how to start.

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